Secular ethics and its necessity in today’s world.


In today’s world, globalisation is flooding every corner of the world, and we depend on each other more then ever before.

The beautiful world community is made up of different religions, races and colour. Above all in humanity’s organisation, the perspectives of different people are like different colourful flowers in a garden. Respecting and understanding each other in a equal way is what our modern world needs in the first place.

Although having good morals is a common religious advice, more than that it is the universal language. Regardless of whether one is a believer or non-believer, practising good morals is reasonable and one should strive to. Because it is not just a matter for the individual, but for the benefit of the whole community.

An individual’s perspective cannot be the same as others, nor it can be possible. Holding one’s own views as supreme has failed our world in the long run in history. And the world has witnessed the disadvantages of self-centred humans’ manner.

Secular ethics doesn’t mean ethics which is non-pervasive to any religion, rather it is the essence of all religions, which is to respect, understand and love each other.