monk life

A story from Home To Homeless 

  1. MY childhood …I become a Buddhist monk, at the age of 7th in autumn of 1995; I will write how I had the desire for becoming a monk in next chapter bow before Buddha, click here to read more……
  2. Some times my mother used to take me with her to the fields. One such day while we were passing by a house along the road, I saw a boy and shouted at my mother saying that he belongs to our family. As that boy was a complete stranger to my mother, she immediately asked me to stop speaking such non sense and she tried making me walk by holding my hands. Nevertheless, I continuously kept repeating the same words as I cried along. click here to read more………
  3. In a short time, they asked my mother to bring me to their home in order to examine if I were their late father in my previous life. So, as per their request my mother took me to their home. To restore my memory they showed me their home, fields, gardens and so on. Although I am not sure what I said there and what things I recognized from my previous life, perhaps I did what I was supposed to, they did believe me as a rebirth of their late father. Since then every year they invited me to their home, and it they did so continuously for many years and they still do when ever I happen to visit my home. click here to read more……..
  4. I am not sure if childhood times are the happiest phase for everyone, but for me I realized it had the most beautiful movements of my life. Like every other child I too liked sweets, every time my father would come home from his duty I would ask for candy and he would always come with his hand full of candies. As a kid I always did what I wanted to do, but at home I had to act as humble as a here to read more

    Desire to become monk.

  5. It was summer, I was 7. Us usual I back from school. everywhere was green and the air was filled with the sweet scent of flowers. I heard sounds of drums and praying from up stairs. I putted down my bag in bed room and run to up stairs following sounds source. I hides beside door and slowly looks in , read more……….
  6. Run to monastery

    Since then in my mind a dream to become a monk always stay, I told it to my friends at school, no one was with me to accompany but I felt It is my special desire to become monk. Not sure but as a believer in karmic law i think it is my precious fruits of my previous karma.
    It was a day when a high lama visiting to a nearest monastery, people were going there for get teaching and blessing. read more…..

  7. Tenzin wangden my spiritual name

    After that I fused to thinking often to become monk and keep going to school, as days and months passed, every farmers here were busy in collecting crops and making plan for winter, winter is so cold in Himalayas and special in ladakh here falls thick snow, roads are closed to others regions, so foods supply here in winter season is hard to get from out side of ladakh. read more…….

  8. Shaved my head

    It was during autumn , I was around seven, and my last year at home, and last day of a child receiving his mother’s love and care. I was about to start my life in different way, every things were prepared. I and my mother both didn’t feel hard for separate each other, she knew i am going to follow Buddha’s path and she felt it is fortunate and merit for her to let his son to go in that way. read more…

  9. to be continue…..




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