my poem

the beautiful sun set at Mundgod
the beautiful sun set at Mundgod

The way we live, the way they appear.
how wonderful it is, as part of our creation.


oh mother,

your love is purified

and beyond reason.

just only because of you

I am here in this world,

I might forget my every identify,

but there is no way to,,

forget your kindness and love.

your love is compounding,

in my every breathing,

thank you mother.


The star of sky,
and the jewel of ocean,
base of your smile
and root of your happiness,,
LOVE the key of friendship.

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On the rooftop

Sitting on roof,
Counting those stars,
Twinkling, bright and
In different shape.
How wonder
If you are there Among stars.

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exploring happiness

We all desire happiness

But suffering flows us like a shadow

Suffering is caused by our own mind

 Our mind is obscured by defilement

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  1. The wonders of pouring your feelings onto paper ! Bless You !

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