Photography 101: fields

It is such an enjoyment movement by walking through fields with friends and pet accompany.

Photography 101: moon

How beautiful it is, Moon, and stars , Shining and twinkling Far far away from us, It is real natural drawing. On the background of dark sky.

Photography 101: flower

There is no one who’s mind is not ravish away By The fragrance, the beauty of flowers. Flowers are the one of natural ornament of this planet. I often combine the flower offering when I offer my hearty offering to Buddhas.

sun sit

when the sun is about to sit, i feel much fortunate to see its rays turning in to orange, and what beautiful it is when the sun shows it’s face in full shape.

Drop the dew

in every monsoon, run in rain is what makes me feel over joy, likewise all those blossoming flowers are also enjoying with every drops that fall on it.