Life with a puppy.

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I don’t know how I came to love puppy, it was more then ten years before when I came to South India, I saw some pics of puppy which was used to keep at our hostel and later gift to someone. I was so excited to have that puppy at our hostel but it was just dream.

After long years a dog came in our hostel, fortunately that time there was running a construction and a dog was needed to watch at night, so no one has kicked her away, kept her not as puppy but gradually every one came to care her and she is still here.

After her we got a puppy dog, named as Katoo( White child) our teacher adopted him, several years after we lost him, searched but not found, everyone missed him.

One year after lost him, two young monk found another puppy and give our teacher to adopt, teacher adopted him and keep his name as same we used to call to last lost one. I often used to take him for long walk, from those times I noticed that he was so friendly. I wished to adopt a puppy for myself.

Some month before my friend a lay man told me that his dog got some puppy, I suddenly asked him to give one for me to adopt, as he promised I got my own puppy,

I didn’t chose her by nether her colour or sex, I accepted whatever I got, because I strongly believe in karma and this karma connection need no choose, At first time she looks so sleepy I was little nervous on this but later she looks fine, I picked every flies on her and next day I bathed her first time.

Started to learn information through internet about how to care pet, everything goes fine but for me as a new to adopt her, using too much toilet in room gives me a problem, but I used to be patient.

Now it was time to give her name, I discussed about it with friends on Facebook and viber, there was many suggestion from friends and ideas in my mind, finally I decided to give her name as Delex,( fine and well) actually in our tradition this name is usually use for a male, but I give her this name in memory of my sister’ s late puppy Delex.

A question has been arises in my mind, will she able to communicate with me with this name? Till now she has not turn in to me every after I call  her with her name, I am not in hurry to get a response from her with this name, but I hope someday she will understand her name.

She is growing up so fast, and also her teeth growing and get sharp, she is showing off with her new growing teeth on me, trying to bite my finger every time I try to get her in my arm. actually I am a late raiser in morning, as like a alarm every morning she bites and shout at me, so she also bring a good habit in me to wake up early.

I was quite nervous about is it healthy or not to share bed with puppy so for some days I keep her on a special mat to let her sleep, but in midnights she often used to come near my pillow and cry. Later I allow her in my bed near my pillow.

As she falling sleep in my arms as like a child, that time in my mind one thing arise very clear that an another soul like me is sleeping in my arm.

It is not an attachment but as a Buddhist follower it is right to be warm, keep close with every sentient beings. Because in the practice of Bodhisatvas one have to be good to everyone as one do good for his/her mother in this life, they were also our mothers in our countless previous life, there isn’t any single being who has not been as your mother In the chain of lifes. So this kind of view gives much energy in me to give her a very comfort.


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  1. younten says:

    Gylong ly dat was really lovely…n plz take care of her…later wen she grows up she will b ur best friend n will tk care of u much more… :))))

  2. adol says:

    Bro..! That’s really touching take good care of her hope to see her one day…

    1. lamatenzin says:

      Sure, I do my best, I am thinking to bring her home during next year vacation, so you will see her.

  3. adol says:

    Bro..! That’s really touching take good care of her hope to see her one day…
    Lots of love and care for delex

  4. Peter Terpstra / Kesang Neljor says:

    Lovely and touching story, thank you for sharing this dear friend.

    1. lamatenzin says:

      My pleasure dear friend.

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