shaved my hair

428650_346517675372709_776687712_nMy brother said “I must go now” but before he left he give me his advice to obey your teacher and follow with his guidance. As a boy I was shy to speaking  among new people so I just bow down my head for answering him as I understand. In Tibetan monastery one must have a room teacher until he have got enough education on Buddha teachings and experience on monastic life. Room teacher is like a parents and he has a big responsibility to look after his student in many ways.

It was a hard time for me to pass a night in a new place and with new teacher has three rooms a kitchen, meditation room and a bed room. Because of feeling shy that whole night I didn’t speak anything. Next day my teacher asked me to shave my hair, I didn’t afraid to shave my hair because I shaved my hair several times before I came to monastery.

Every monk and nun in Buddhist monastery have no allowed to have a long hair more then inch.  A rule states that a monk should not allow his hair to grow beyond a certain length or time, so he will shave usually at least once a fortnight or month, sometimes more frequently.

Shaving our head symbolizes cutting off ignorance, hatred and attachment-what the Buddha called the “three poisonous attitudes.” These three mental toxins poison our well-being and our relationships with others.  Ignorance leads attachments clings to people, things, places, and ideas with the mistaken notion that they will make us happy, and when some one comes in this way to disturb us to gain those things then we get angry. Cutting off these three eliminates the causes of our misery. It also frees us to direct our energy to cultivating equanimity, love, compassion, joy, and wisdom in our hearts. It is told that monks tonsure to follow the legend that Sakyamuni Buddha shaved his head when he went out from his castle and started his ascetic training.


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