love and I

The basis of all

Suffering and happiness is

Both body and mind.

Among them,

Mind influence us more.

Expect we get

Excruciating or ruin

Our basic needs,

The Grievance of

Physical is undervalued.

Although we ignore much

When we are

Good in physical health,

But mind do emphasis,

Even on small affairs.

So it is need to

Energetically effort on

Achievement of Mental happiness.

As we know

From our experiences,

The highest levels of,

Inner happiness is,

Achieve through practicing,

Love and compassion.

The more we concern for others

The more rich happiness we get,

By caring and loving others,

Naturally oneself

Involved In happiness,

By doing that

Quite the all Fright

And sorrow that we have.

More over

We can easily generate

Strength to resist difficulty.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Silvia Olmos says:

    “The highest levels of Inner happiness”
    “Love and compassion.”

    ♥ Beautiful Truth !

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