~Gautama Buddha~

Love is beauty and
beauty is truth, and
that is why in the beauty
of a flower we can see
the truth of the universe.


The star of sky,
and the jewel of ocean,
base of your smile
and root of your happiness,,
LOVE the key of friendship.


Love is very beautiful way
to keep you close with others.
but being blindly attache
is not the identify of love.

The radiance of Love,
Is the priceless treasure of mind.
The nectar of Love,
Is the thirst-quenching drink.
Love is the most ,
Nourishing and transcendent,
Energy to our inner peace.
This love is not
the word of emotional,
is beyond attachment and hatred,
Reach and follow to everyone.


When I strongly attached to you,

I feared to lose you sometimes,

When you look dear to someone,

Hatred brunt my heart,

Because I didn’t love you

But just attached to you.

Since I realized I love you

I do not fear to lose you

Because my love is

Not base on attachment.

As this love don’t lead selfish

There is no space for hatred.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate Lamberg says:

    Simply beautiful. An important poem in expressing the beauty of non-attached love. Thank you.

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