Shaved my head

It was during autumn , I was around seven, and my last year at home, and last day of a child receiving his mother’s love and care. I was about to start my life in different way, every things were prepared. I and my mother both didn’t feel hard for separate each other, she knew i am going to follow Buddha’s path and she felt it is fortunate and merit for her to let his son to go in that way.
I stepped forwarded to being as homeless from home, i was accompanied by my elder brother to monastery. As we entered in Likir village we saw a monastery on a not much high mountain from enough far distance, we kept forwarding, we were welcomed by a monk who was from same village to us. He dressed me in red roobs, “oh! You looks perfect” brother said as seeing me first in red roobs, actually red was not Buddhist monks roobs when Buddha and his follower were wearing roobs during his time in India, perhaps it was changed during Buddhism was starting in Tibet, according to Tibet’s cold weather.
the monk lead us to prayer hall where a high lama was giving teaching to monks. Just entering the door he asked us to do prostate to lama and monks.
We went near lama’s thorn, he prayed some ritual prayer and asked us follow some words to receive vows. He did cut some hair from my head and Frome other new monk. He put a blessed tiny roobs on our neck. What a words less joy , finally my DESIRE comes TRUE.


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