On the rooftop

This lonely rooftopIMG_0322
where I often come,
Is a place quite, peaceful,
And pleasing to me.
Where wind is gliding and touching,
Katydids are humming among the grass,
Filling the air with their song,
“Katy did, Katy didn’t, Katy did, Katy didn’t”
While I chanting the daily prayer,
And please to relate them
In my prayers and story.

When moon starts smiling
I go up on to rooftop,
Not because I attaches it
But welcomed by fortunate wind
Accompany by silence atmosphere
Mind is becoming more peaceful.

I often come to rooftop,
To connect with you and
To share some of my feeling
Here I get special feeling of
Being silence and peaceful.
Here I see stars, moon and sky
Which we both see with naked eyes.
No matter how far we stay .

Ok, I know you hide behind clouds,
Perfect, have some rest for today.
how powerful you are, O moon,
I am still receiving your light
Even from behind clouds.
keep showing me your light
until my final destination.
Goodnight from rooftop.

Sadness and happiness
Of this world is also mine,
this is where I actual base and
without it there is no I and me
O, angel ! The star of sky
shine here the twinkling light
I wish to feel some inner peace
Be hurry m waiting on ROOFTOP

Dear friends,
your eyes might have burns,
While Reading the famous book FB
Lets give it a simple break,
And role it up for while,
How beautiful it is,
Moon, and stars ,
Shining and twinkling
It is real natural drawing.
On the background of dark sky.

we are fortunate to see these
Just for free, and free,
feel with wind, which I have
Passed to you from rooftop.

Sitting on roof,
Counting those stars,
Twinkling, bright and
In different shape.
How wonder
If you are there Among stars.

Again on rooftop now,
wind is touching me smoothly,
What a joy to be in silence,
While listening the music,
natural music of wind,
Trees are waving branches,
I am really enjoying here

Life is always asking,
“what you need from me?”
I asked many things,
This thing and those.
I have never satisfied,
And finally I said
i don’t need anymore,
I am happy with what I have.
a single room, friends and nature
Those are more then my desires.

Connecting with you from rooftop

oh moon, never give up,,,,,
your energy will restore again
it is just matters of someday.
i can feel your light,
even this world comes between us.
I am here on rooftop in waiting to
see your golden face again.

24/12/2012 on the evening of Christmas. poems from friends.

The clouds move about and
take in the majestic spirit
of life-here for a short time
before they disappear.
I bow to you.
show me the Way
and light the darkness
where I wander
blind and lost.
A bird with no direction,
dust in the wind
that doesn’t rest on.
your compassion
help me to obtain
the perfect enlightenment
to benefit
all the sentient beings.
In your hands
I put my life…
I bow to you.
I see in the dawn breaking,
your eyes awakening from a dream,
and In the waves crashing on the shore,
I hear your voice call to me.
For it is with the new day
that we begin again and hope
awakens with the sunlight of the new morning.
As it is with life, a new day, a new hope,
a new life starting fresh,
Blessed are the opportunities
to love and begin again.
( Many blessings to you, my friend far away!)
(4)Tao Tiger .
Here upon the rooftop of relatively sublime interdependence,
At the dry-dung altar, Bodhisattvic monks with simple laypersons.
Canny Huang Po’s “Buddha is mind” even the earthworms celebrate;
Distant lover moon, closer than this nose, longs to meet with us again –
Dream-raft not so high, but diverse – mother Samsara, father Nirvana:
Dualistic thoughtform clouds populate our radiant golden eternity;
Realising equanimous kindness and sincere diligence, mirror self-shines…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Silvia Olmos says:

    Tenzin… Your feelings… spread to the world and the Skies Above from your rooftop are simply Marvellous ♥

  2. Tere" says:

    Perfection! So wonderful that you joined us all together on this project!

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