Tenzin wangden my spiritual name

Home to Homeless, A story based on monk life
After that I fused to thinking often to become monk and keep going to school, as days and months passed, every farmers here were busy in collecting crops and making plan for winter, winter is so cold in Himalayas and special in ladakh here falls thick snow, roads are closed to others regions, so foods supply here in winter season is hard to get from out side of ladakh.
That winter my parents went to pilgrims to ancient Buddhist site and some Tibetan monasteries which are re-established in india after 1959. I think almost two months later they returned home, a special gift they brought me from pilgrim which you can’t imagine, and it was not something that you can see.
It was just a name, -Tenzin wangden- a blessed name given by His Holiness Dalai Lama from Dharamsala where his exile home is based. Actually my childhood name was Sonam Stanzin. In our tradition name are always given by high lamas or other spiritual man with his half name. For example Tenzin Gyatso is 14th Dalai lama’s exactly name and Tenzin is always as the first name which he given others a name.
“you will going to become monk next summer and this is your spiritual name we brought it for you from dalai lama’s office.” as I heard this sweetest words from my mothers, my mind filled with full of joy and not wished for others gift.
to be continue….


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  1. fapersa says:

    Beautiful. It’s so amazing how you like your life. Congratulations.

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