Run to monastery

Home to Homeless, A story based on monk life

Since then in my mind a dream to become a monk always stay, I told it to my friends at school, no one was with me to accompany but I felt It is my special desire to become monk. Not sure but as a believer in karmic law i think it is my precious fruits of my previous karma.
It was a day when a high lama visiting to a nearest monastery, people were going there for get teaching and blessing.

I was not ready to go and parents were not at home, i thought it might be a good chance to get my way in monastery. My pocket was empty, so it was impossible to get ride in bus, i was setting besides road finding a answer to ( how can i do this? ) this question, while seeing those motors running on road. Fortunately a man stopped a truck which was going forward to the monastery, i asked him to help for get me also in truck. With his help i reached the monastery, so crowded people were there and monks were in busy , i had no idea how to ask someone to help me for become monk.

so that day I was not able to make my dream and returned home. As I reached home I learned that mother was worried about my not appreance at home, she asked me where I had gone? She advised me won’t do same without asking to her. She promised she will fulfil my dream but said it is not right time and just wait for year….to be continue


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