My childhood times chapter 4

Home to Homeless, A story based on monk life.

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I am not sure if childhood times are the happiest phase for everyone, but for me I realized it had the most beautiful movements of my life. Like every other child I too liked sweets, every time my father would come home from his duty I would ask for candy and he would always come with his hand full of candies. As a kid I always did what I wanted to do, but at home I had to act as humble as a dove. Before becoming a monk I went to a privet primary school; there I studied till 2nd then after I moved to a Government primary school. Many a times I skipped school and sometimes I even did acting of being sick so that I could get my mother’s consent to be home, sometimes I slept into the fields, often I went to water pool with friends for a nice bath, and other times I used to play with friends by the roadside instead of going the school.

Evenings were the best time to go out, at around 5:30 pm the service bus used arrive from Leh (city) and for most of the evenings we used to be by the bus stand to look for something new from the city. There was a small general shop beside the bus stop where we used to play while waiting for bus. One day the owner of shop brought some goods for his shop, I and a friend of mine saw him carrying some fruits juice packets. We both kept our eyes on him to see where he is going to put those packets.
It was quite dark and the bus stop was getting deserted. The shop keeper shutdown the door, which was made of wooden planks and there was quite a gap between two planks. I still remember where the shop keeper kept those juice packets; those were putted just next to the right side door. Being small I and my friend were able to fetched some of the packets by putting our hands into those gaps between the wooden planks. Fortunately no one noticed us. We quickly finished some packets and went separate ways to our homes.
When I reached home I realised one of the juice packets was still in my jacket’s pocket, my face started blushing, and was frightened on my mistaken. I tried to act normal but my brother noticed something unusual. He asked, “What is wrong with you?” “Nothing,” I lied. Nevertheless he knew me a little too well and found out the truth. I told him everything to him thinking he would keep his promise of keeping is a secret. But to my bad luck, he broke his words some days later —- I and my friend were punished at school.

To be continue……

Translated by my friend Gyalpo; who is pursuing Buddhism from Drepung University. Check his blog here: Gyalsmosiac
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