My childhood Times:Chapter 3

 Home To Homeless, A story based on monk life.

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In a short time, they asked my mother to bring me to their home in order to examine if I were their late father in my previous life. So, as per their request my mother took me to their home. To restore my memory they showed me their home, fields, gardens and so on. Although I am not sure what I said there and what things I recognized from my previous life, perhaps I did what I was supposed to, they did believe me as a rebirth of their late father. Since then every year they invited me to their home, and it they did so continuously for many years and they still do when ever I happen to visit my home.

For a believer in rebirth, particularly for a Buddhist, this is not a hard issue to accept. Moreover, it is not a faith just in Buddhism; sometimes such incidents could be noticed even in non-Buddhist families and with non-believers of rebirth. For instance, on 12th October 1926 a girl called Shanti Devi was born in Delhi (India). As a child she always insisted to be from a place called Mathura, some 147 kms from Delhi. In fact, she told her uncle about her husband of her previous life who was a Merchant dealing in cloths. Her uncle in turn told this to one of the learned persons in their neighborhood. The learned person then wrote a letter to her husband of previous life asking about her and other details that she revealed as a child. On learning this, the husband and his family members came to Delhi to visit her. After talking to her they were convinced of her being the rebirth of his wife in her previous life.

As per Buddhism all sentient beings are in a cycle of rebirth, aging, sickness and death, and this is called Cyclic existence, Samsara or KHORWA in Tibetan. This could be substantiated from such events when one recollects earlier lives as a child or experienced by Yogis in their deep meditation.

To be continue……

Translated by my friend Gyalpo; who is pursuing Buddhism from Drepung University.  Check his blog here: Gyalsmosiac

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  1. fapersa says:

    I was born in a catholic family, but I didn’t see sense in this life. So, before knows several religions, I stopped to hear about Buddhism. Since 2004, I have been studing and I took refuge. I believe in reincarnation and I like to hear about your life.

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