My childhood Times:Chapter 2

A story on Home To Homeless

Some times my mother used to take me with her to the fields. One such day while we were passing by a house along the road, I saw a boy and shouted at my mother saying that he belongs to our family. As that boy was a complete stranger to my mother, she immediately asked me to stop speaking such non sense and she tried making me walk by holding my hands. Nevertheless, I continuously kept repeating the same words as I cried along.

mother hold my hand, a painting

In retrospect that boy was neither our relative nor belonged to our village. He was from Likir, a village next to Saspol. He was going to a school in our village and staying in that house on rent.

My mother didn’t pay much attention to that incident and took me to the fields that day. But that boy took a notice of me and informed his family members in Likir. They developed a doubt that I might be the rebirth of their recently deceased father.

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Translated by my friend Gyalpo; who is pursuing Buddhism from Drepung University.  Check his blog here: Gyalsmosiac


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