MY childhood times

A story from Home To Homeless 

I become a Buddhist monk, at the age of 7th in autumn of 1995; I will write how I had the desire for becoming a monk in next chapter bow before Buddha,

when i was child
when i was child

According to my parents, I was born on 30/12/1987, in Saspol valley, Ladakh north India. This is around 80 km from leh, city of Ladakh. My father name is Tsering phuntsok, he is a retired ex Indian army. He served 20 years in army. He is a humble one and he doesn’t like to talk a lot, because of that I haven’t had much conversation. He takes every responsibility for our family income. My mother name is Tsering Dolker, she mostly works in indoor and fields, it seems like that she has no free time in whole year. She is rowdy but her mind is good by nature, she is very friendly to me and we talk much, most of my childhood times I spent with her. Before me they had three sons, unfortunately the elder one was unable to live after three years. Among their children now they have six sons and a daughter,she is the youngest one and the only sister, because of that we all love her much. Now she is studying in a army school in Punjab state of India.

with my sister

On that time houses were used to build on face of mountain and grounds were used for fields, but now it is changed, Our old house was on side of a mountain, it was built in Ladakhi tradition house feature. It had small windows and low roof,many families in ladakh keep shrine room, store room, bed rood and kitchen, in ladakh kitchen is a very important room in daily life, it is combined with staying room.

a view from ladakh
a view from ladakh
a view from saspol
a view from saspol

That time every family kept a separate house for storing grass and dried leaves to use in winter for feeding cows and as fuel, they don’t keep window on this house so it always remains dark.  I’m not sure if during that time i liked to cry.because I really liked to cry. But I remember I used to cry a lot in my childhood times. Sometimes they took me in that house when I wailed. For me that house was like a frightful prison. It happened several times and after I automatically stopped to cry when they tried to take me there. My mother might have had hard experiences for my capricious behavior.


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  1. lamatenzin says:

    thanks for the share, peace to you soul brother.

  2. Laurie says:

    This is most interesting Tenzin. It is intriguing to know about your life and how you came to Buddhism. I like this very much.

    1. lamatenzin says:

      thanks it is pleasure that you like it.

  3. Jim Creston says:

    Very interesting Lama Tenzin!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. fapersa says:

    Thank you for sharing your history. I like to read this.

  5. vincent says:

    Your daily eat what? I’m curious

  6. Dechen Angmo says:

    really it is interesting to read…. n even more since v belongs to same land…

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