generate a compassion mind

“I feel that compassion thought is the most precious thing there is” as said by Dalai Lama, I feel all religion teaching based on compassion practice. Compassionate thought is the main agitate mind to engage in altruism work. The question is why we have to engage in altruism work andh ow we generate compassion for that?

I see reason Earthier from beyond religion or religion to do so, from beyond religion side – we stay in a huge community of different sentient beings, for live in this we have to stay in a harmony with them and must
share their joy and sorrows for always, there for compassionate thought help us to occur this way.

From all religion side compassion is the real essence of there. In Buddhism, particularly  in Mahayana school it explained compassion is the extremely
important from all along the way to Buddhahood. If we take an example from harvest, as like a seed it is extremely important in the beginning because without compassion it is impossible to generate a awakened mind (bodhicitta), as like manure in between for progressively higher way to enlightenment, and as like fruit it is extremely important in the end to be a enjoyment of all sentient beings. In briefly to be a qualified Mahayana practitioner it is most important for one to be captured by compassionatet thought.

Well then, there is many methods to generate a compassionate mind, here I
am going to explain it for easy to understand, there is not unendurable when we see our enemy in a suffering state, usually we wish abandon to
them who didn’t affect benefit and harm to us when they in suffering, are just because they are non attractive to us. It is unendurable when we see our relatives are in pain, particularly we feel strong unendurable on those who are
more dear. So to seeing them as an attractive to us it is important to feel all sentient beings were our mother and so on from beginning less lifes, thus,
cherishing them all and thinking about their suffering will lead you to arise a compassionate mind in yourself.


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  1. vincent says:

    that’s so cute!

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