Life with a puppy.

I don’t know how I came to love puppy, it was more then ten years before when I came to South India, I saw some pics of puppy which was used to keep at our hostel and later gift to someone. I was so excited to have that puppy at our hostel but it was…


~Gautama Buddha~ Love is beauty and beauty is truth, and that is why in the beauty of a flower we can see the truth of the universe. 1 The star of sky, and the jewel of ocean, base of your smile and root of your happiness,, LOVE the key of friendship. 2 Love is very…

On the rooftop

This lonely rooftop where I often come, Is a place quite, peaceful, And pleasing to me. Where wind is gliding and touching, Katydids are humming among the grass, Filling the air with their song, “Katy did, Katy didn’t, Katy did, Katy didn’t” While I chanting the daily prayer, And please to relate them In my…

Ten questions to Dalai lama Time Magazine

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama – Time Magazine Interview Time Magazine interviewed His Holiness in New York City in May of 2010 for its “10 Questions to His Holiness the Dalai Lama“. Question: Do you ever feel angry or outraged? —Kantesh Guttal, PUNE, INDIA His Holiness: Oh, yes, of course. I’m a human being….

MY childhood times

A story from Home To Homeless  I become a Buddhist monk, at the age of 7th in autumn of 1995; I will write how I had the desire for becoming a monk in next chapter bow before Buddha, According to my parents, I was born on 30/12/1987, in Saspol valley, Ladakh north India. This is…

Photography 101: fields

It is such an enjoyment movement by walking through fields with friends and pet accompany.

Photography 101: moon

How beautiful it is, Moon, and stars , Shining and twinkling Far far away from us, It is real natural drawing. On the background of dark sky.

my little panda

since i adopted her, it has been almost one month i didn’t get a suit name for her, one i was looking at her, the color that she have is almost looks like panda, Dom ta ( In Tibetan which means panda ) is pooped up  in my mind. so i decided to call her as Dom…

Photography 101: flower

There is no one who’s mind is not ravish away By The fragrance, the beauty of flowers. Flowers are the one of natural ornament of this planet. I often combine the flower offering when I offer my hearty offering to Buddhas.

sun sit

when the sun is about to sit, i feel much fortunate to see its rays turning in to orange, and what beautiful it is when the sun shows it’s face in full shape.

Drop the dew

in every monsoon, run in rain is what makes me feel over joy, likewise all those blossoming flowers are also enjoying with every drops that fall on it.

My puppy

I love to be home, with my pet, she always me me feel really home when she is enjoying her every movement of warmness.

My cute puppy

I love to see her in sleep in her warm blanket. This is my second puppy and her name is panda.

Fiction book and Mosquitos.

It is 1:25 am, almost midnight, just after half hour before, I said good night on Facebook to one of my close friend. I am in bed and was watching a video on , it was Peen, (sorry I don’t remember her first name). who was talking on that video, guiding how to write…